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Joseph and Evelyn

Jazz guitar and dreamy vocals play together
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Evelyn Duprai exudes a joyous energy whenever she sings. Whether it’s jazz, funk soul or blues, you’ll be drawn in by the depth of her smile, the warmth of her voice, and the authenticity with which she delivers every word she sings.

It’s no surprise therefore that Evelyn Duprai is highly sort after for private, corporate and charity events, and together with jazz duo partner Joseph Calderazzo, the two have been described as being “…highly respected, …talented …stylish, and sublimely cool.” – Tim Kirkland Morris (Peak Promotions)

Joseph Calderazzo is an accomplished musician in his own right, having established himself as being one of the leading guitarists in this country. His incredible skill as a musical director has seen him work with the likes of Christine Anu, Jack Jones, Jade Macrae, and a host of other well known musicians too numerous to name. What more can be said of this dynamic duo? If you like jazz, you’re going to love the smooth sounds of Evelyn Duprai and Joseph Calderazzo – guaranteed!


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