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Aykho Akhrif

Doing it the Aykho Way....
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Raised in Holland percussionist and drummer Aykho Akhrif has played alongside the likes of Bob Dylan and the Gypsy Kings in countries ranging from Cuba to America to most of Europe. Now an Australian resident he is one of the most in demand session drummers in the country playing regularly with James Morrison. Recently he’s been joining Junior B, adding a percussive element to her house grooves.

He loves to combine his talents, working with different bands, jazz Latin, African, and Flamenco, or a combination of all the above. With a DJ he may use a stand with two congas and hand percussion such as tambourine, cowbell and shakers.
He has played at most venues in the Sydney bar and club scene.

Aykho has been playing drums and percussion for nearly 20 years.


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