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The passion and emotion of Flamenco
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‘Arrebato’ is a Spanish word meaning ‘a sudden and intensive burst of emotion, a feeling of fury or ecstasy’, is apt in describing the ensemble’s original music composed by flamenco guitarist Greg Alfonzetti & cellist Damien de Boos-Smith.  At times ferocious and at others quietly stirring, the Arrebato Ensemble explores passionate musical territory, bringing to life a vibrant mix of instruments, backgrounds and cultures.

Formed in 2004, the talented virtuosos of the Arrebato Ensemble have already established themselves as a refreshing and exciting force within the Australian music industry, appealing to many audiences from the flamenco aficionado to jazz and world music fans.

The instrumental lineup includes flamenco guitar, cello, double bass, saxophones, percussion, harmonica, flute, oud, mandolin and palmas (hand clapped rhythms).


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